Attendance and Make Ups

You are encouraged to maintain the best attendance record that you can. Obviously, business, travel and other time demands make it impossible to attend every Northlake meeting. But there are ways for you to get makeup credit and keep your record intact. Remember that you have two weeks before or after a missed meeting to get this credit. Attending another Rotary club’s meeting is the preferred way to obtain a makeup for a missed meeting. This lets you meet other Rotarians and get a broader perspective on what Rotary is accomplishing elsewhere. Click on the Club Finder for a list of clubs in our District.

Remember that participation in a club project or attendance at an Interact meeting or a Northlake board meeting also counts as a makeup. Just report these to the club secretary to make sure you get credit. If you are logged into this site, you can request a make up electronically. Clicking on your name next to the Rotary logo will take you to your home page. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click the blue Request Make Up button, fill out the form and click Submit.

Since attending another club’s meeting may sometimes be difficult, here is a way to get a makeup on line using your computer! Go to and follow the instructions. You will spend 20-30 minutes or so reading Rotary-related articles and then can print out and bring to our meeting or e-mail a makeup credit to the club secretary.

Please help us keep our club attendance average up, add to your knowledge about Rotary and get more out of being a Rotarian by making up missed meetings promptly.